Monday, 10 October 2016  

Address of the President Veljanoski at the Ceremonial Academy on the occasion of 11 October  

Distinguished attendees,  

Dear friends,  

Ladies and gentlemen,  

Celebrating today, as holiday of our nation and state, we mark the deeds of the Macedonian Partisans.  

Celebrating their sacrifice for free and independent Macedonia, once again we confirm that our people have the strength to move forward!  

This firm attitude of our fighters is the key for perseverance and surpassing all attempts for quelling the Macedonian identity.

The heroic and selfless fight for fundamental rights and bright future does not recognize borders.  

Strongly believing in every word, I feel unstoppable urge at this moment to address all participants in the National Liberation Struggle for Macedonia.  

Distinguished fighters,  

Be certain that Macedonia bows before your deeds.Your sacrifice is eternally incurved in the history of Macedonia.  

Your dedication is an example that should guide us in the new battles for the benefit of our Motherland.  

Be proud of each of your engagement for freedom of our Motherland since you were honored to defend Macedonia.  

Dear friends,  

11 October is the day when one of the last great historic battles of the people of Macedonia to freedom was won.  

This day marks the beginning of the final fight for democratic Macedonia.  

Partisans, believing in these goals, equally dedicated spread and protected the idea for free and independent Macedonia.  

The freedom of Macedonia, to them, was and still is and still is holy mission dignified for greatest sacrifice.  

The efforts and the dedication to this idea are best seen through their numerous deeds.  

The oath, not to halt until every Macedonian city and village are liberated from the dictators and enemies is the greatest proof for the love towards the Motherland,  

Only the sons and daughters of Macedonia can persevere in hard times.  

Only they can give all they have since it is about their homes and families, their Motherland!  

In times when the mankind was divided in ethnic and religious lines, like never before, the members of the partisan movement battle for the rights and freedoms of all brotherly people.  

This attitude toward the different is the core of the Macedonian spirit even today.  

Our people are well known for extending hand to those who need it, something that is written in the history as well.  

To be just is one of the greatest virtues of mankind.  

The evil and hatred have never brought any good to anyone’s heart.  

They are a burden, preventing the soul from being free.  

Regardless of the difficulties one faces in their lives, one can never forget that the happiness of one cannot be built upon misfortune of other.  

This principle mirrors the values of Partisans stand for.

Equality for nations!  

Equal rights and freedoms for all people.  

Equal treatment of all regardless of their ethnicity or religion.  

Dear friends,  

ASNOM was the peak of the National Liberation Struggle.  11th October was its strongest pillar.  

This day marked the dawn of the Macedonian struggle.  

On this day the principles of the struggle were strongly confirmed.  

Not to harm the innocent!

Provide normal lives for those who want to live brotherly on this land! Safety and security from tyranny, torture and intimidation!

The values established by the Partisans are perfectly reflected in modern Macedonia.  

Today, we live in the manner they propagate.  

Macedonian nation lives in peace with all people that respect the principles of brotherhood, equality and solidarity. 

Mutual respect is the foundation for good relations and coexistence.  

We will never abandon these values; they are deeply woven in our history.  

I believe that even today the Partisans still proudly remember the great success of 11 October.  

Ladies and gentlemen, 

For the first time in the newer history, Macedonians have their state and their intentions are most clearly articulated through the wish for success and exemptions from all military activates that ravaged the then mutual state.  

This determination of our people is a sufficient proof of the peacefulness of Macedonia.  

We know that the civilized and enlightened nations always resolve differences at the table, not on the battlefield.  

This dedication to peace, a characteristic of our nation, is expressed today by Macedonia through its involvement in the world fight for equal rights and freedom of all nations.  

Macedonia, acting upon its principles and guided by the ideology of the Partisans shall always be on the side of justice and freedom.  

We believe in equality and freedom of every human being.  

These ideals of ours overlap with those of NATO Alliance, which is the main reason for successful friendship and alliance with the Member States of this Organization.  

We shall always respect these principles, even though we have not always received the same in return.  

The same applies to our relations to the European Union as well.  

This ideal of equality and unity of the European nations, opposite to the history of endless bloodshed on this old continent, must prevail and surpass all challenges it is faced with.  

Nothing is perfect or easy in this world. Still, through persistence, principles and solidarity, I believe that this noble project that put an end to the centuries old clashes and bloodshed not only shall but must be successful.  

A lot needs to be done to promote and democratize thereof, but I believe in the good intentions behind the idea called European Union.  

The Republic of Macedonia, similar to the past, remains dedicated to the Euro integrative processes.  

Macedonia sincerely and devotedly works on the achievement of this noble idea.  

The reforms and the modernization have no alternative!  

We have to continue the efforts using all our strength and knowledge.  

We have to give all! 

Dear friends,  

The self- sacrifice of the Partisans is our guide in facing the challenges of today.  

The price that was paid for victory was too high.  

The statehood must be preserved.  

The overall developments in Macedonia must be further improved.  

As I have said, everything is more difficult without unity.  

Today, that unity seems to be most difficult to achieve.  

Deeply embedded in our headquarters, it seems as if it is forgotten that all political parties essentially have the same noble aim. 

Nevertheless, regardless of this sad ongoing condition, I am optimistic that finally the state will rise richer, but also more united and more cohesive.  

Each aim is more distant if we are not united.  

That is why, as a President of the Macedonian Legislative House, I wish to most sincerely once again call upon promotion of unity among the political parties.  

We must surpass our differences.  

We must not allow the heat of the political battle to harm Macedonia!  

We have to extend hands to each other on this grand day!  

We have to start cooperation for issues of common interest even more and openly.  

We have to look into the eyes of reality and secure even more the development and the democratic future of Macedonia.  

The ideas of the Partisan Movement and ASNOM are equally strong as the day when they were announced.  

Our political differences must not jeopardize Macedonia.  

We must not speak of “ours” and “yours” when Macedonia is in question! 

Macedonia is our single party and single program platform!  

We have to finally stand together under the flag of freedom!  

Stand together behind the future of Macedonia and to work together and jointly as Partisans and Komitas did!  

As the members of the Macedonian left and right fought.  

To disallow particular interests to jeopardize the interests of Macedonia.  

We have to be even more united!  

We have to e even more responsible when the interest of the state is in question!  

Ladies and gentlemen,  

Our national leaders left us with the pledge that we have to continue building bridges of cooperation on the path to national aims.  

We have to forgive and unite for the benefit of Macedonia.  

The Assembly was and will be an arena where ideas in the spirit of constructiveness and democracy are exchanged.  

The Assembly remains the institution dominated by the joint interests.  

Under one roof and in the future, we have to continue to fight together for a single joint goal that arises from the four holy letters of VMRO.  

Both the governance and the opposition!  

Macedonians, but also Albanians, Turks, Romas, Bosnians, Serbs, Vlachs and all others.  

In the achievement of this goal, our single enemies are those who do not wish well to Macedonia.  

However, we, regardless of our political I believe, that the love for Macedonia unites us.  

The primordial and sincere love in its purest carried out by this day dedicated to the Macedonian Partisans.  

Dear friends,  

Freedom is the precondition for each development.  

If the great aim of the Partisans was independent Macedonia, today, the great aim of this generation of politicians is economically developed Macedonia. 

The overall state development remains our greatest challenge.  

The improvement of economy and life standard must be fully provided.  

The success in modernization of lives of the Macedonian citizens must be another motive for new deeds.  

We have to build more new schools.  

We have to invest even more in healthcare.  

We have to continue with the support of the Macedonian farmer.  We have to continue the care for Macedonian pensioners.  

We have to do this as politicians since these are the greatest expectations of the citizens.  

The success so far is the greatest confirmation that even the greatest obstacles can be surpassed.  

Let us jointly celebrate 11 October.  

This is a day for all of us.  

This is the day of reconciliation and unity.  

This is the day for everyone who mean well of Macedonia.  

We have created our independent Macedonia, stronger than ever before.  

All of us, stand here today as citizens of democratic Macedonia.  

We are people with our own integrity which is unmistakably different from the one of other Balkan people.  

We have our culture that speaks of the century’s long existence of grand and famous nation. 

Our people have its own folk songs depicting the trouble and the beauties of this state.  

Only those who feel at home here can sing with such passion and love for Macedonia.  

When you neighbour or you state needs assistance and support, remember these sacrifice in times far more difficult than today.  

Let these examples guide you through the life and take you on the path of goodness and fairness.  

Remember all, who did not ask of price, risk or death.  

Common people, who like all of us, gave everything they could for better tomorrow of Macedonia and their citizens.  

Hence, on this day, we pay respect and bow before their deeds that provided us with the future we live today and they dreamed of.  

Dear friends,  

Macedonia is as strong as our values are! 

Macedonia is as strong as its collective moral string is righteous.  

We have to continue our support for the Macedonian families.  

They are the foundation of the state. 

All sacrifice for the freedom of Macedonia is in vain, if we morally sinking.  

We have to invest more in the development of our children through education, which should bring them up into moral people that will continue building and developing Macedonia.  

We build Macedonia today.  

Tomorrow, our children will build Macedonia!  

Let us leave good deeds to the generations to come.  

To solve even more problems.  

Macedonia to be more stabile.  

Macedonia to be even more developed.  

Macedonia to be even more united.  

This is the covenant of the Partisans.  

 In this context, sincerely expressing appreciation for your attendance, I like to underline that the celebration of this 11 October is in one segment different compared to the previous celebrations.  

Today, following the day that symbolizes freedom and democracy, we will jointly proclaim the finalization of one of the greatest reconstructions and modernization of the Macedonian Legislative House.  

 Today, the building where democracy strongly pulses is proclaimed open and officially completed.  

 I invite you all, to join me in touring the new and reconstructed facilities of the Macedonian parliament and to formally proclaim these Halls in the Macedonian Parliament, from which the democracy and dialogue shall radiate for centuries, opened.  

 At the very end, congratulating you the 11 October, I would like to sincerely wish the memory of this and all other significant events of our history to be eternal.  

Eternal and timeless Macedonia!  

May God bless us all and may God bless our Motherland!  

Long live the Republic of Macedonia!  

Thank you. 


Tuesday, 16 September 2014, 11:00, "Boris Trajkovski" Hall 


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8th Meeting of the committee on political system and interethnic relations 

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15th session of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia 

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18th Meeting of the legislative Committee  

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