Parliamentary Institute

Parliamentary Research and Information Service  


Goals and objectives:

A functional Parliamentary Institute which contribute to the strengthening of the legislative and oversight function of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, through securing timely, unbiased, objective and accessible services to the legislature.

Principles of the Parliamentary Institute

  • Impartiality
  • Accessibility
  • Credibility

Services Research and analysis

Research is carried out on the basis of a previously submitted request for research or on the initiative of the Parliamentary Institute. The received requests are processed with the help of a specialized software - Request Management System (RMS). 

Education and communication

The Parliamentary Institute carries out education and information activities that include an introductory/orientation sessions for newly elected MPs, as well as thematic seminars and conferences on various topics.

In order to inform citizens about the role and the work of the Assembly, publications and information materials are prepared in Macedonian, Albanian, English and French language, all of which can be accessed below:



Research library

The research library currently contains 4.500 titles and is continuously enriched with new library material from domestic and foreign publishing houses. Users can browse through the library resources by using the E- Catalogue.
The library, within its working premises, has a modernly equipped reading room located next to the MP's club, where users can access electronic databases, the library material as well as daily and weekly newspapers and magazines.

Legislative archive

The Parliamentary Institute maintains a legislative archive which represents a collection of documents generated from the work of plenary sessions and meetings of working bodies and councils of the Assembly related to the legislative process.