EU-funded project: “Support to Parliament in Implementation of Reforms”

The implementation of the EU-funded project “Support to Parliament in Implementation of Reforms” started on 4th of September 2017. The project will assist the Parliament in the implementation of the necessary reforms. 

The overall objective of the project is to assist the Parliament at the level of the Working Group on Reforms, the Service, and the advisors to political parties and its bodies to proactively act as the cornerstone of democratic processes in the country and to successfully implement reform priorities based on a dialogue among the political parties and the civil society organisations.

Specifically, the project will support the Working group on reforms in order to improve the overall operation of the Parliament. The project will focus on the Code of Ethics and the Rules of procedure for the Parliament. 

In addition, the project will provide series of trainings for the parliamentary staff and the advisors to the political parties represented in the Parliament. Thus, the project will contribute towards strengthening their capacities for successful implementation of the country reforms.  

Experts on the project are Mr Edmond Miletić from Croatia and Mr Tibor Draskovics from Hungary.

This EU support comes at the right time and the Parliament is committed to fully use the support for successful implementation of the Parliament reforms. 

  • Project implemented by: IBF International Consulting from Brussels
  • Project duration: 4/09/2017 – 3/09/2019
  • Project value: 280,900.00 EUR
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